Friday, May 25, 2007

Royal Navy as a Messenger Service: Stuck in the 1.0 world?

The next-generation kids are different; they are tech-savvy, always-on and growing up on social networks defined by MySpace and Facebook. Indeed, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook sees it as a 'social operating system' that sits "at the center of its users’ online lives in the same way that Windows dominates their experience on a PC" according to NY Times today. (subscription required)

So, how do you communicate to this group? Traditional means appear limited as this generation is more tuned to messages from within their community. Marketing, advertising and communication methods are under attack and need to be revised and refined.

Royal Navy (UK) is trying an interesting tack to reach potential recruits. See and try it here. It is different but does not embrace the core principles of web 2.0. Will it work as a standalone site or should this functionality be embedded in ways reflecting web 2.0? I--for one--would like them to evolve this idea into the 2.0 realm.

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