Friday, December 12, 2008

Zune Phone?

I read this column that there will be no Zune phone at CES. I am not disappointed because I was not expecting a Zune phone..
It got me thinking.
Why would Microsoft launch a Zune phone and cannibalize its Windows Mobile OS? It is better off not launching the phone in this crowded, competitive market and capitalize on the network effects of third-party developers licensing Windows Mobile. Has Microsoft--which practically wrote the book on how to set up third-party ecosystems to win with Windows and Office--moves away from what has made it successful so far? I doubt that Microsoft seriously considered launching Zune phone because it will be counter to their playbook. But again, who said that strategy is always rational?

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

How will newspaper industry transform for the network era?

I think the newspaper industry is about to be transformed in some radical ways. Here are some good overview data from NAA that can serve as raw material for research. Also, I found this blogpost to be well written and timely. I will develop a more detailed analysis of the transformation underway in the media and newspaper industry in due course.