Monday, May 14, 2007

Learning from the Rise and Fall of Web 1.0 Companies

As a researcher, I often wonder how many of our assertions and prescriptions are based on intuition and gut feel (not to mention strong opinions!). This is particularly true of the Internet (business models, valuation, growth potential etc.) and strategies for exploiting new technologies--especially web 2.0.

Here is a good list of dotcom (ebusiness) companies (also called as web 1.0 companies). Steve Baldwin has written 'Web Elegies' for many of them. I see this site as a rich source of raw data for research.

Someday, I will see if I can systematically analyze the key drivers of their rise and fall. In the meanwhile, if someone knows good (robust, scientific) analyses of the rise and fall of dotcom entities, please do comment on here. Thanks.

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