Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Google in a Network Era

Nearly two years, I wrote this article for CSC Leading Edge Forum. I was using the article to lay out the logic of how strategy can be thought of as a portfolio of capabilities assembled through relationships and that networks can be used for both experimentation (innovation) and execution (implementation). The startegic challenge calls for recognizing two types of tensions: one invoving resource allocations across experimentatiuon (future) and execution (present) and another involving internal (firm-centric) and external (network-centric) activities.

I am working on elaborating on these two tensions now. These are dynamic, interdependent and call for rapid reallocation of resources. I used Google as illustration in the article (published in 2006). I think the framework is inherently sould and Google is still a good illustration of the framework. The article is available as a pdf here.

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