Monday, May 12, 2008

Dell: Embracing and Inspiring through Art

Laptop designs and art--No, I am not talking about Apple. I am talking about Dell.


This is a recent initiative to push the frontiers of custom-creation. As one of Dell's bloggers put it:
Using a new Dell manufacturing technique, every color and brushstroke come alive on the laptop’s cover, bringing the same fluid, graffiti-inspired tattoo effect that you find on Ming’s canvas. You can check them out, and an exclusive video on the inspiration behind these pieces of art, at

Will it generate a new wave of customization and self-expression beyond color? Will we see laptops with personalized photographs engraved using the same process?

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JohnP@dell said...

Thanks for dropping by Indeed, the move to more and more personalization in PCs will be an interesting space to watch ... not just from a consumer perspective, but business machines as well.