Tuesday, September 25, 2007

DuPont uses Video to Reach Younger Generation

Here is a powerful illustration of how DuPont uses Brightcove to reach younger generations. I expect to see more established companies embrace video technologies as a central mode of communications and conversations.

What other companies are already on the video bandwagon?

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Dave M. said...

Hi Venkat -
I think video like this is a key piece of the puzzle, but certainly not the only piece. There needs to be a mechanism to get the right people to see the right videos. In large engineering companies like DuPont and A&D companies (where I work) there are so many people and so many products people get blinders on, focusing only on their work. Incorporating elements of social networking sites we're familiar with (LinkedIn/Friendester/Facebook/Delicious)
is where the value realization lies. There are so many opportunities for reuse, cost savings and productivity improvement, but employees don't know what exists w/in their own company. If an engineer at DuPont never sees this video, then what's the value of it?

There are certain cases where an engineer at DuPont might know exactly what they're looking for and would execute a simple directed search, get the video/document/resource and that's that. But what if you don't know what you're looking for? How do you even get in the right ball park? How do you explore what's out there? Video is a fantastic resource, but how do you get them to see the video?

I'm currently working on a project to figure this out right now. We've got tons of reusable knowledge stored in multiple libraries throughout the company - both video and documents - but how do we make it easy to find for the right person. Lots of money to be saved.

Former BU student,