Monday, October 6, 2008

Financial Crisis

It is scary to see the gyration in the markets.....

Some thoughts going through my mind are--
Is this the end of investment banking as we know it? Is this the end of uncontrolled deregulation? Is this the result of herd mentality? or Blind leading the blind..? What happened to creative checks-n-balances in markets? Does this represent a turning point in business school education? business school as a place for smart young people to study? etc. etc..
One this I know is that we have not seen the end of this crisis....

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Mahesh Ramamani said...

Dr. Venkatraman,

Guess this is not the end of it. I am pretty sure about it. Its to do with man's addiction to money making (even and especially at the cost of other costs like risk for investors, consumers, taxpayers etc). B-School academia will continue to follow suit by researching on firm performance predictors of Fortune 500/1000 firms.